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Hendersons offers a labor rental service by connecting Estonian employers with skilled workers from Ukraine. If you are looking for a job, you can find various job advertisements from Estonian manufacturing and industrial companies on this page.

Looking for a job through labor hire is faster and easier than doing it yourself.

As a citizen of a foreign country, it is necessary to first prepare the necessary documents to work in Estonia. Then you have to look for a place to live and start contacting companies yourself or looking for work through local job portals. This process can take quite a long time, and this is where we can help. We will find out your skills and qualifications and add your CV to the website, where Estonian employers can search for the necessary workers. If the employer wants to proceed with the recruitment process, we will help prepare employment contracts and documents necessary for working in Estonia.

If the employer wishes, we will also familiarize you with the company’s internal regulations. In addition, we can find accommodation near the workplace and, if necessary, transport. We also help with everyday concerns that may arise in connection with the employer or living arrangements in Estonia. We promise to honor our agreements and pay our employees on time. If the temporary job ends, we will also find a new job for our workers as soon as possible. We are a reliable partner both in the search for labor and in finding a job for employees!