Useful information

Why use a labor hire service?

The main reason is that there is a large shortage of skilled workers in Estonian production and industrial companies, and the only way to alleviate this is to recruit foreign labor. Hiring labor is a significantly faster, more cost-effective and lower-risk way to engage foreign labor.

Hiring labor means that we take over all activities related to hiring employees. Including primary activities related to recruitment, such as interviewing and checking qualifications, as well as preparing documentation related to working in Estonia.

In addition, an employer who uses labor hire does not have to worry about the seasonality of the workforce, which can be caused by fluctuations in the labor market in volatile economic conditions. In summary, using foreign labor through labor hire is a more favorable solution than looking for and hiring workers from abroad.

How does labor hire work?

The waiting list of our employees is constantly being updated. We deal with the recruitment of employees on a daily basis, conduct interviews and find out the skills and qualifications of employees. We then sort and classify specialists according to sectors and add their CVs to the website so that it is convenient for employers to find the right employee. In the case of large-scale requests, we use our channels and contacts to quickly find the necessary number of specialists who would meet the employer’s needs.

If the employer has found suitable employees on our page and made an inquiry, the next step is to carry out a thorough analysis of the employer’s needs and employee qualifications. If the employee meets the employer’s wishes, we start with the preparation of the necessary documentation and formalization of the employment contract. In addition, we familiarize the employee with the internal rules and other important information provided by the employer to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Upon agreement with the employer, we can also find accommodation and transportation close to the workplace for the employee, if necessary. The payment of wages goes through us, and we promise to ensure that wages are paid to our employees on the right date. At the end of the employment contract, we will find a position that matches the employee’s qualifications as quickly as possible.

Additional questions

What forms of employment contract can be used when hiring labor?

We offer short-term and long-term as well as fixed-term and open-ended employment contracts. The minimum length of the employment contract is 2 months.

What country’s foreign workforce does Hendersons mediate?

Our qualified skilled workers come from Ukraine.

In which field can companies find employees through us?

Companies related to the machinery, metal, wood, furniture, as well as warehouse and logistics industries will find relief from the labor shortage. Electronics, textile and food production companies can also find skilled workers among our rental employees. In addition, our employee database includes specialists for the shipbuilding, packaging, energy, mining and plastics industries.

What kind of skilled workers can be found through labor hire?

You can find metal workers as well as line and warehouse workers in our temporary labor database. Also welders, bench and machine operators, engineers, electricians, but also, for example, seamstresses, bakers and assemblers. We update the database of free employees on our website on a daily basis. We can help many companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors to find employees in Ukraine. In the case of a large-scale employee search, contact us and we will quickly find the necessary people through our contact base.