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  • Baker, 46

    ID: C94

    Extensive experience in the food industry. Knowledge of making various types of dough. Knowledge of various recipes for bakery and confectionery products.

  • Prepacker, 47

    ID: C93

    Experience in various industries. She worked both with grocery products and at a carpet factory producing automotive wiring, and most recently in a medical facility.

  • komplekteerijad

    Prepacker, 47

    ID: C92

    Food Industry. Extensive experience with food products, knowledge in the correct storage of products, monitoring product quality and shelf life.

  • Prepacker, 30

    ID: C91

    Food Industry. Work experience related to working with meat: cutting, marinating, packing

  • Prepacker, 26

    ID: C90

    Experience in food and logistics industries. The job consisted of packing and assembling goods and food.

  • Prepacker, 19

    ID: C89

    Food Industry. Experience is not great in the field of picking food products, but a great desire to work and develop.

  • Prepacker, 19

    ID: C88

    Food Industry. Experience is not great in the field of picking food products, but a great desire to work and develop.

  • Prepacker, 36

    ID: C86

    Experience in the food industry. Knowledge in packaging products, checking them for quality. Also repair and maintenance of special equipment, driving agricultural machinery and having a European electric car license

  • Prepacker, 56

    ID: C84

    Extensive experience in the food industry. Experience in packaging, pre-packing of finished goods and food products, understanding of shelf life and product quality

  • Prepacker, 57

    ID: C83

    Experience in the food industry, working in a confectionery factory, checking product quality, fast packing and kitting, keeping the premises clean

  • Prepacker, 58

    ID: C82

    Years of experience in the food industry, beginning in the fields growing and picking vegetables and continuing in a resort facility working with cleaning, picking, and inspecting product quality

  • Prepacker, 44

    ID: C81

    Many years of experience in the food industry, working with grocery products, understanding of storage periods, proper picking and packing of vegetables, fruits, cereals, compliance with all sanitary norms.

Hendersons` workforce rent will help alleviate critical labour shortages.

For some time now, our country has had to face up to the fact that we do not have enough of our own people to meet the labour needs of big business. Every year, around 6,000 people are missing from the labour market, and this trend is growing. Bringing in foreign labour is an inevitable solution.

Hendersons offers a labour recruitment service to help manufacturing and industrial companies find the workers they need to maintain their production capacity and competitiveness. If there is a shortage of workers in your sector and you can no longer find them at home, we can help. Read more about why to use labour rents when recruiting foreign workers

Reduce the risks and costs of recruiting foreign labour by using labour rents.

Labour rentals offer the possibility to use foreign labour at lower risks and costs. Forget about dealing with the documentation and other time-consuming activities needed to work in Estonia and leave it to us. We make sure that the employee meets the employer’s expectations, draw up the necessary paperwork and find solutions to the employee’s everyday problems.

We have sorted and classified workers into appropriate industries through interviews and screening. In addition, we’ve compiled and posted their CVs to give you, as the employer, a quick overview of their skills and qualifications. All you have to do is select the right employee from our database and send a request. We’ll contact you as soon as possible about the next steps. Find out more about all our vacancies in our database.

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