ID: C54

Male, 29.08.1990


Experience in the metal industry, with responsibilities ranging from repairing equipment to writing all technological dokumentation, keeping records of the technical condition and repairs of equipment, making a repair plan for equipment

Work experience

  • 07.2018 - 04.2023
  • Leading repair and maintenance planner
  • ЧАО "Кривой Рог Цемент"
  • Metal industry
Planning repairs and maintenance of equipment, scheduling, maintaining documentation, managing repair activities, prioritizing repair work, tracking and executing work plans, ordering parts, materials, services, developing a repair budget, analyzing its implementation, developing a repair module.
  • 11.2012 - 07.2018
  • Senior repairman
  • ПАО "АрселорМиттал Кривой Рог"
  • Metal industry
Planning, organization, provision, support and analysis of the reconstruction, major current repairs of railway tracks, switches, buildings and structures of the enterprise. Ensuring the execution of the capital investment business plan, managing the shop budget, forming a title list of shop repairs and maintenance, managing the financial performance of the shop, regulatory and technical support for the renovations, repairs, and maintenance of the shop's railroad infrastructure.


  • 2012
  • Днепропетровский национальный университет ЖД транспорта им. академика В. Лазаряна
Mechanical repair of lifting, track, construction, land reclamation machines and equipment.

Language skills

  • Ukrainian, Russian
  • English

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