ID: 181

Male, 12.01.1983


Mechanical engineer with mechanical engineering experience. Has a thorough knowledge of agricultural machinery and its repair and maintenance.

Work experience

  • 09.2010 - 12.2022
  • Chief Engineer
  • Agrogeneration
  • Agriculture
Organising and coordinating the ongoing overhaul of agricultural machinery for a large farm. Work on the supply of spare parts and tmc. Scheduling, repair plans, PMM needs, spare parts, defects, adjustments, etc. Implementation of equipment monitoring systems. Working with subcontractors (repairs, maintenance, quality control, guarantees, etc.). Organising training and exercises for operators.
  • 07.2005 - 08.2010
  • Insener
  • Erinevad ettevõtted
  • Production / Industry
Has worked as an engineer in various companies.


  • 1999 - 2005
  • НТУ "ХПІ"
Transport equipment. Higher education.

Language skills

  • Italian, English, Russian

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