Operators: 6

Pending workersTextile industryOperators

Operator, 51

ID: B94

Experience in the textile industry, working with different types of dresses, knowledge of the types of fabrics, knowledge of which fabric is best suited to the model, sewing the product from order receipt to its delivery to the customer


Operator, 48

ID: B93

Experience in the textile industry, knowledge in sewing different types of clothing, from receiving the order to giving the customer the finished product. Identification of defects and their further elimination.


Operator, 40

ID: B99

Experience in textile production for about 20 years, knowledge of shoe production from the sketch of shoes to the inspection of the finished product, knowledge of different types of materials and pads

Operator, 43

ID: B59

Experience in the textile industry sewing upholstered furniture, working with leather products, work on the double-needle machine and overlock


Operator, 28

ID: B02

Textile Industry. Stapling machine operator


Operator, 29

ID: 51

Textile Industry. Experience in the production of rubber soles for shoes