ID: B44

Male, 24.03.1980


Experience in the metal industry with MIG/MAG 135,136 and 111

Work experience

  • 04.2018 - 01.2022
  • Welder
  • Иностранные компании
  • Mettle production
Welding of various types of steel structures using the MIG/MAG 135,136 and 111 methods
  • 11.2016 - 03.2018
  • Welder
  • ЧАО "Запорожский завод сверхмощных трансформаторов"
  • Mettal industry
Welding of transformer tanks of size 4-6. Welded metal thickness of 4 mm 40 mm. Used material to assemble and weld black and stainless steel tanks. Worked from the blueprints.
  • 04.2010 - 07.2019
  • Welder
  • ПАО "Запорожкран"
  • Metal industry
Welding of individual parts of cranes (gantry, bridge, tower, special cranes). Welded metal 2 mm to 40 mm thick. The metal used for welding was black. Worked from the blueprints.


  • 1997
  • ПТУ
Electric and Gas Welder

Language skills

  • Ukrainian, Russian

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